Here is a list of our Active Members for the 2013-2014 academic year:

Greek Letter Offices:

High Alpha (President): Jake Sazio

High Beta (Vice President): Branden Nunno

High Theta (Vice President): Steven MacDougall

High Gamma (Secretary): Antony Xanthis

High Tau (Treasurer): Jason Stacey

High Iota (Risk Manager): George Sigalas

High Kappa (Fraternity Educator): Jonny Bliss

High Epsilon (Social Chairman): Joe Klimowicz

High Sigma (Academic Chairman): David  Grech

High Delta (Recruitment Chairman): Evan Forbes

High Phi (Ritualist): Will Trister

High Rho (Alumni Relations): Chris Choi

High Pi (Alumni Advisor): Domenic Mauro

Members at Large:

Peter Brooks (Initiated Brother)

Robert Edgar (Associate Member)

Tristan Fischenbeck-Raulin  (Initiated Brother)

Jelani Francis (Initiated Brother)

Zachary Miller-Koren (Associate Member)

Alvaro Moreno-Rodriguez (Associate Member)

James Xue (Initiated Brother)


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